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AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” carries out its work basing on the belief that restoration is the recovery of the original look of monuments of architecture, art, history or archaeology, which have been changed or damaged over time. Restoration of the object means its recovery in accordance with the exact data or at least the notion of its pristine condition.

Restoration work methods of the enterprise are based completely on respect for original material, archaeological evidence, original design and authentic documents.

In the field of restoration AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” provides the following services:

  • Recovery of the external finishing of buildings – restoration of the decorative elements of the facade and the historical painting (on the basis of architectural studies and according to historical sources).
  • Recovery of interior design – decorative elements of the walls and ceilings, architectonic study, desalting, priming, painting and graphics restoration, restoration of historical polychrome painting and frescoes of walls and ceilings.
  • Decorative sculpture – restoration or production of decorative elements of facades or interiors.
  • Monumental sculpture – restoration or production of monuments, busts, memorials.
  • Production or recovery of forging – restoration and production of metal forged parts, as well as other specific metal products (caskets, gates, church cockerels, weather vanes, etc.).
  • Gilding and restoration of gilding – all works on gilding with real gold leaf, or the so-called “shlagmetal”.
  • Restoration of wooden finish or recovery of other millwork.
  • Recovery of temples – restoration of churches of different denominations in Latvia has been an important specialization of the enterpriseand practice area for many decades.

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While carrying out restoration works, AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” complies with a number of traditional principles of the brunch. For example, before any work is started, architectonic or artistic research is being carried out in order to create its description (which is being fixed properly later). Masters who are working at the enterprise don’t even accept the idea that the existing historical evidence may be destroyed, falsified or re-created without compliance with its historical look. They are confident that any intervention should be kept to a minimum in the process of high-quality restoration; however, if interference does occur, it is based on firm respect for the aesthetic, historical and cultural heritage. All the materials and methods used by restorers, are necessarily documented, taking into account traditions established in the company since 1951.

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Renovation and Reconstruction

In accordance with customer’s order AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” performs the following works on construction sites:

Renovation – repair (overhaul) of the construction or its part with the aim to restore the building or its part by replacing the worn out load-bearing elements or structures, and the introduction of targeted functional or technical improvements to the site, generally without changing the volume or function of the building or its part. Renovation may also be restoration of building or its part, without affecting the load-bearing constructions, facade of the building or engineering communications of general use. And, of course, except for the restoration of the facade decoration and replacement of windows, replacement of roofing and insulation of facade and roof.


Reconstruction – repair (overhaul) of the construction or its part with the aim to restore the building or its part by replacing the worn out load-bearing elements or structures, and the introduction of targeted functional or technical improvements to the site, at the same time changing the volume or function of the building or its part. Reconstruction may also be restoration of building or its part, with the rebuilding of load-bearing structures, the facade of a building or engineering communications of general use. Including restoration of the facade decoration and replacement of windows, replacement of roofing and insulation of facade and roof.

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AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” differs from other companies that position themselves as executors of similar works in the market in its specialization – renewal of  various historical buildings. This means that the company has enormous experience, which is measured in decades, in implementation of various specific projects for renovation and reconstruction.


Kolonādes veranda 005Renewal of a historic castle or a hall is considerably more complex than simple repair or overhaul, regardless of whether the repair is performed with the change of volume and functions, or without it. Therefore, usual works on renovation and reconstruction of buildings is a kind of lightweight work task for the enterprise’s construction professionals. Here, however, it should be added that a customer can always count on the fact that these works will be performed by AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” with the same sense of responsibility and attitude that are being embedded in the restoration of historic buildings since 1951.

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Construction Works

AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” differs from classical construction enetrprises in its specialization – implementation of projects on restoration, renovation and reconstruction. Experience that has been accumulated over decades of implementation of these specific and complex projects allows to carry out practically any construction work successfully, simultaneously solving technical problems of any level of complexity.

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Construction process, search for the original construction solutions, working closely with designers, coordination of construction projects at various levels, as well as their commissioning – this is everyday routine for specialists of AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators”.

There are monuments of culture and art of national importance, historical buildings, churches of various denominations, apartments of presidents and a number of private projects (exclusive apartments, private mansions, manor houses and even castles) among completed projects.


Rīgas Doma restaurētā Neimaņa ieeja 010Experience that has been accumulated in the field of restoration allows to satisfy easily even the most refined taste by redecorating facades and filling the premises with elements of monumental and decorative sculpture. Style of decorative elements can be both borrowed from the existing estates and castles (their artistic style), and also created with the help of professional sculptors. But that’s not all. Walls and ceilings can be turned into real works of art, embellished by decorative painting or even frescoes. Such decorative elements as hollow chamfers, cornices and ceiling roses can be gilded, and so the house of the customer will be filled with the spirit of nobility and greatness of ancient castles.

All these complex works are customary to masters, building professionals and artists of AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators”, because they have been engaged in this craft since 1951.

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Construction Process Management

Experience, which has been gained over decades in management of various projects on construction, renovation and reconstruction, as well as works in the field of restoration and recovery of architectural monuments, allows treating specialists of AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” as one of the most qualified experts of construction sector in the country.

However, the company has been able to prove itself in its ability not only to perform work in time, to implement complex orders, but also to manage and control the entire process of renovation, reconstruction and construction in general. Especially at projects, which are connected with recovery or restoration of architectural monuments of national importance.

Working with subcontractors and other partners is no less important than co-operation with architects, designers and institutions supervising the construction process. The ability to manage such projects is a kind of art, based on exact knowledge and skills and also building traditions that developed over time, as well as ability to find a balance between costs, deadlines and quality of work performed.

Specialists of AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” do have such experience. It has been gained while working in the construction industry on restoration, renovation and reconstruction projects since 1951.


Consultations and Materials

There is not always an opportunity available to attract qualified experts in the reconstruction of cultural-historical and architectural monuments. Besides there are far more historical evidence and various monuments present than the financial possibilities for their restoration and putting in order. In such cases it is possible to implement the so-called “conservation” in order to save what can be saved at the moment, putting aside restoration works at a later date.

Also, there are cases when it is possible to cope without the help of professional restorers or with minimal investments.

In all these cases AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” is committed to help everyone who is interested in preserving cultural and historical heritage.

This aid doesn’t necessarily entail investments and it lies in tips and advice from experts on how to proceed best, what materials and restoration techniques to choose, where to look for information and what institutions and organizations to seek support in*.

AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” can help those, who decided to engage in restoration process on their own, to find and obtain materials of the best Latvian and international manufacturers, as well as suggest the most appropriate technical solutions and their application.

* To consult with experts, please call +371 67611910 and +371 26604111 or send an e-mail to:

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