Alberts Kronenbergs Memorial Has Been Created


Alberts Kronenbergs (1887-1958) is known in Latvia, mainly as the author and illustrator of children’s books. In honor of the 120th anniversary of the author a memorial sign on the grounds of his works has been set in his hometown, Jurmala.

This is an example of public-private partnership – a unique element of the urban environment has appeared thanks to the cooperation of Jurmala city municipality and Alberts Kronenbergs family. Enterprise AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” was the one that embodied the idea in life.


The memorial sign is a whole ensemble – motives from the works of famous Latvian poet and graphic artist were reflected in wood and metal sculptures. Open book and fabulous images besides it designate a gate through which visitors can pass to Sloka library. According to the idea of architect Valdis Smits and master sculptor of the enterprise Edvins Krumins, the memorial symbolizes the path to knowledge that we receive through our rich literary heritage.

Installation site for the memorial sign was chosen for puspose, because opposite to the current library building there formerly situated a printing house, where Alberts Kronenbergs’s first book was printed.


Alberts Kronenbergs Memorial

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