Staircase Restoration in Old Riga, 19 Marstalu Street

Staircase After Restoration 001

Building in Old Riga, 19 Marstalu Street, is an architectural monument of national importance. After the restoration of staircase, which was made during the period from February to August 2013, this building houses offices of various state institutions. For example, there is the Latvian Judical Training Center, Latvian State Land Surveyor (SIA “”), Insolvency Administration, Land Registry Office of Riga District and other institutions.

Staircase After Restoration 002

By the order of the state joint-stock company “Tiesu namu aģentūra”, the enterprise AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” carried out works on the restoration of the staircase, entrance hall and stained-glass window.

Staircase in Old Riga, 19 Marstalu Street, After Restoration

One of the most interesting elements of the staircase interior is the decorative painting of the arch of the second floor, made in the style of eclecticism, which needed to be restored. It could refer to the end of the 19th or the beginning of the 20th century, and, most likely, the name of some enterprise was decoratively displayed in this way. This work was done by the restorer Inese Ozolina (Inese Ozoliņa) together with the restorer Kristine Sirvinska (Kristīne Širvinska) under the guidance of the experienced restorer Gunita Cakare (Gunita Čakare).

Arch After Restoration 004

Decorative Painting of the Arch After Restoration

It should be added that the equally luxurious decorative finishing of the arch was also present on the first floor of the building, but it was worse preserved, therefore, only the decorative painting of the arch of the second floor was exhibited.

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