Tea House of the Eleja Manor Has Been Restored

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Eleja Manor Park in Jelgava district is a place for conducting events such as children’s holidays and District days. Construction works in the park had not been carried out for 100 years, since the devastating fire in the main building of the ensemble. So by 2015, only ruins remained from the Tea House and the historic fence of the park. But the staff of the enterprise AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” needed just half a year of hard work to restore these objects.

Tea House of Eleja Manor Before the Beginning of Restoration Works

Eleja manor castle was built in classical style in the early XIX century by the project of architect Johann Georg Adam Berlitz. Master’s house was complemented by the numerous buildings, including the guest house, theater, warehouse and others. The point of no return in the history of Eleja manor happened in 1915, when soldiers burned down 18 buildings of the complex. Since then and up to now several attempts to restore the manor complex of buildings were taken, however they alternated with decisions to demolish its remnants.

Tea House of Eleja Manor After Restoration
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The Interior of the Tea House After Restoration

Today, part of the Eleja manor park belongs to a private person, and the other part – to the local municipality. The latter decided to restore the Tea House and the historic arc-shaped fence that are settled in its territory. Therefore, this work was entrusted to AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators”.

The project is unique not only for Latvia, but also throughout Europe. The fact is that almost nothing left from the Tea House, even the historical evidence of it wasn’t preserved. The only old photograph from a private collection served as the main source of inspiration for the architect. Restorers carefully dismantled the decaying remains of the house, searching for the details of the original decor among them. So it became possible to restore the ornament of decorative painting and details on the ceiling of the terrace, and even recreate a porcelain tea set.

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Decorative Painting and Wooden Details in the Tea House of Eleja Manor After Restoration

Today Tea House looks like lime green building with gray pillars, which don’t look massive, but on the contrary, almost weightless. The building now adorns the Eleja manor park again. And a massive renovated 143 m long fence from stone and brick signals that you are approaching this place.

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The Restored and Unrestored Parts of the Historical Fencing

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