Association of Commercial Banks Premises’ Repair

Repair of the Premises for Rest in the Bureau 003

Major repair of premises of the Association of Latvian Commercial Banks, which is located in Old Riga, 8a Doma Square, was finished in August 2015. The building itself was built in 1906 and today it is an architectural monument of state importance.

Repair of Workrooms in the Bureau 004

Workrooms and Offices After Repair

During its century, the building, located in the very heart of the Latvian capital, served for different purposes. Different restaurants and shops, as well as administrative premises and bureaus were located in here.

Repair of the Premises for Rest in the Bureau 004

Premises for Rest After Repair

Now the respected Association of Latvian Commercial Banks is one of the organizations that are located in this building. Repair and restoration works of the bureau of this organization (under the project of the well-known architect Kristine Grave) were implemented by AS “Būvuzņēmums Restaurators” in 2015.

Restored Elements of Bureau Premises 007

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